There is not much to configure yet. You can enable and disable the toolbars and the statusbar in the "Settings" menu if you run out of space on your screen. Other options are configured in the Settings->Settings dialog.

Board Themes

There exist three different themeable data sets:

  • names theme: property names and money factor, e.g. localized versions for different countries

  • icons theme: icon sets displayed on fields, e.g. free parking, jail, ...

  • dice theme: pixmaps of the rolling dice

There is not yet a large choice, only two localized property name sets (US Atlantic City and Germany Default) are available as of this version. Two sets of field icons are also available to choose from. You can add your own themes under %prefix%/share/apps/kapitalist/themes/ if you wish. Make sure to send a copy of your localizations to me, so that I can add them to the distribution in a future version.


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