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Kapitalist is divided into two packages, the server (capitalist) and the KDE client (kapitalist). Please download and install both to be able to run the game. You can install a binary package suitable for your distribution (see below), or compile and install from one of the source packages.

Source packages

serverKDE client
Original Source (tar.gz) 0.3.1 0.4
Debian Source Packages 0.3.1-1 0.4-2
Source RPM Packages 0.3.1-2.1 0.4-8.1

The source RPMs support openSUSE, Mandriva and Fedora. Feel free to send me extensions for other distributions.

If you have problems building or installing one of the above source packages, please report the problems or suggestions to hoermen [at] users.sourceforge.net.

On the Sourceforge project pages for the server and the KDE client, you can find instructions on how to access the SVN repository to get the latest development snapshots.

Binary packages

serverKDE client
Debian Etch
(K)Ubuntu 7.10
0.3.1-1: amd64 i386 0.4-2: amd64 i386
OpenSuSE openSUSE 10.3, openSUSE 10.2
Fedora Fedora 8, Fedora 7
Mandriva RPMLinux.org
Mandriva 2008, Mandriva 2007

The Debian Etch i386 versions work fine on (K)Ubuntu 7.10, too. Try them first for any Debian-derived distribution, or the corresponding amd64 package if you have a 64-bit flavour.

Part of the binary RPMs were produced and are hosted at the openSUSE build service. While the openSUSE packages and the Mandriva packages on RPMLinux.org were reported to work well, I would be happy about any feedback concerning the Fedora and the Mandriva packages at the openSUSE build service. Any patches and/or suggestions how to improve those packages are welcome.

If you have successfully built and tested other binary packages for your distribution, you are invited to send me a link to the repositories, so that I can link them here.

Please report bugs and suggestions to hoermen [at] users.sourceforge.net.

Thank you for downloading Kapitalist.


Special thanks go to Matthias Propst, who kindly produced RPM packages of capitalist-0.2.1 and kapitalist-0.3 for SuSE 10.x.


Daniel Hermann (hoermen [at] users.sourceforge.net)