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This will be the place to write comments, suggestions and feature requests. Until I have time to implement something like a news system, please send me your feedback by e-mail.

Kapitalist v0.4 released (Daniel,   26.03.2008)
A new version of Kapitalist is ready. Both the server (capitalist v0.3) and the client (kapitalist v0.4) got some new features, among which the most exciting are:
  • server can now be started from within the client
  • AI player
  • framework for themes (customizable property names, money, and dice)
Download the packages here.

Release for KDE 3.x! (Kapitalist v0.3) (Daniel,   08-08-2006)
I finally managed to finish version 0.3 of Kapitalist and version 0.2.1 of Capitalist (the server). The major changes are:
  • both now compile with gcc-3.x and KDE 3.x.
  • some more features on the client side, e.g. different themes for board icons and street names
Download it and have fun!!

toolbar icons with KDE 2.2 (Daniel,   10-11-2001)
There is a bug in KDE 2.2, so that the toolbar icons don't show correctly in kapitalist v0.2. This will be fixed in the next version of kapitalist. As a workaround, you can create a link in "your-KDE-dir"/share/apps/kapitalist/icons/ named "hicolor" pointing to the directory "locolor":
$ cd "your-KDE-dir"/share/apps/kapitalist/icons/
$ ln -s locolor hicolor

version 0.2 released (Daniel,   26-08-2001)
After more than two month of hard work, I finally finished version 0.2 of Kapitalist. The main new features are:
  • improvements of graphical elements: token animations, nicer colours
  • graphical user interface: Now most (if not all?) commands can be applied by mouse clicks (toolbars, menus and popup menus)
Download it now. Have fun!!

initial release (version 0.1)       (Daniel,   24-06-2001)
This is now the first release of Kapitalist. I started this project almost 1 1/2 years ago, but never released it until now. I hope you will enjoy the game. Please feel free to send suggestions to me.

Thanks for visiting this site.


Daniel Hermann (hoermen [at] users.sourceforge.net)